Banks Bridgewater Lewis
Banks Bridgewater Lewis
Fine Arts Academy

A survey was sent to current and past members of BBL to gauge our impact on students and the community. The replies are examples of how our work supports students in their growth as a musician.

What have you learned or gained from us?

  • I learned how to use different scales on improvisation. I learned different blues scales (major and minor) I learned how to play the trombone.
  • Music appreciation
  • Jazz improvisation
  • I can play the saxophone.
  • How to play drums and read music
  • Jazz knowledge.
  • Huge improvement in playing percussion
  • I have learned a lot about jazz theory and how to be a better musician
  • Better rhythm, opportunities to perform jazz standards, instruction on sax, drums, piano, better ability to work with different musicians
  • Poise, dedication, self-esteem, instrument improvement, performance presence
  • My improvisation skills, as well as my general performance skills in a jazz settings have been improved.
  • To sing well, to play an instrument, to have confidence performing.
  • Our child has learned a new skill and has become more passionate about it.
  • Improvisation skills, performance opportunities and experience
  • I've learned a lot about my instrument and the importance of background knowledge (e.g., knowing scales, listening to past influential artists, understanding musical history, etc)
  • Confidence, musicianship, understanding of how music works, mentoring,
  • Thrilled to see my son learning how to support his band mates in music making, improving his confidence on his instrument, and learning how to play music he loves.

Why did you choose us in addition to your school program?

  • Because of my family members recommended the program.
  • Socialization among peers
  • Better instruction
  • Needed to gain experience quickly
  • Better instructors.
  • Recommendation from community
  • My parents wanted me to play better and the school music program was too basic
  • No jazz program at St. Joe-Ogden HS
  • To be part of this warm community, expose kids to many performance opportunities, and rich instruction
  • My school program at the time did not challenge me enough.
  • No instruction for really young children.
  • My son's school didn't have a program.
  • Kevin Turner (former local instructor) asked me to do the summer camp one year and I kept with it as much as I could after that.
  • I had faith in your instruction and capabilities
  • Solidarity with the vision, values, bad school experience
  • Specifically for the opportunity to learn jazz and blues, and due to cuts in our school music program.